Pre-School Education
including Foundation Phase

Learning space offering early childhood education and play experiences

The Play Room

Our site is divided into two playrooms. The main play-room is designed and resourced to provide the Foundation Phase and Early Years Education. There is an open-plan play area, incorporating areas of continuous provision for all the seven areas of learning within the Foundation Phase and 3+ learning skills, with a home corner, writing & creative areas, small world & construction area, a sensory area and reading corner, sand & water play and space for general play.

The second playroom also has resources used as part of the Foundation Phase, and also has an area used for circle time, story and singing sessions, and the busy feet activities.

Outdoor Play Space

We have a strong focus on outdoor and physical activities, so we have a lovely large garden for the children to play in. In addition to grassed areas, we have large areas that are well equipped with a variety of wheeled toys and equipment. We also have a blackboard, white board, tables, benches, playhouses and other play equipment. The children also have their own garden, where they grow flowers, fruit and vegetables.

“Children are happy and settled. They benefit from the routine, and enjoy spending time with staff and each other. Staff implement detailed planning in the early years education funded sessions whilst the other sessions offer children free play activities. Staff are committed to providing children with positive experiences which they will benefit from. Overall the environment is well organised and leaders provide stimulating resources which enrich children’s experiences. Leaders are supportive and endeavour to implement effective changes to drive the service forward.”


Inspection Report, July 2018

Times and Fees

We are open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.45pm, excluding Christmas holidays and bank holidays. We operate on a sessional basis, incorporating the Foundation Phase Funded hours, as follows:

Preschool  (No Early Years Education Funding)

Morning (8:30am-12:30pm)


Afternoon (1:30pm-5:45pm)


School Day (8:45am-3:45pm)


All Day (8:30am-5:45pm)


Preschool  (Including Early Years Education Funding)

Morning (8:30am-12:30pm)


Afternoon (1:30pm-5:45pm)


School Day (8:45am-3:45pm)


All Day (8:30am-5:45pm)