Day care for children aged 6 months to 5 years old

Our nursery is divided into two separate areas – Ystafell Pili Pala and Ystafell Lindys. These age groupings are flexible according to the needs and development of the individual children and great care is taken to allow a gentle and sensitive transition from one group to another over a period of several weeks.

Ystafell Lindys

For children aged 6 months – 24 months

A spacious and comfortable playroom with carpeted flooring throughout, a sofa, small table and sturdy chairs. There is an open-plan play area, with additional space for sand and water play, and separate sleeping arrangements.

Ystafell Pili Pala

For children aged 2 – 3 years

A large, open plan playroom with carpeted area for stories and singing sessions, and spaces for sand and water play, painting, a home corner, writing and creativity, small world and construction, a sensory area, reading corner, and general play.

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Outdoor Play Space

We have a strong focus on outdoor and physical activities, so our nursery has a lovely large garden for the children to play in. In addition to grassed areas, we have large areas that are well equipped with a variety of wheeled toys and equipment. We also have a blackboard, whiteboard, tables, benches, playhouses and other play equipment. The children also have their own garden, where they grow flowers, fruit and vegetables.

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Sleep Room

Our designated sleep room is available for children to rest and sleep as part of their daily routine, with a range of travel cots and buggies for the children to use. Parents are asked during visits and when completing a routine sheet for their preference, or any requests concerning their child’s sleeping pattern, including if their child uses a comforter, dummy or bottle at sleep times. Older children are able to decide for themselves if they want to sleep or rest during the day with bean bags and relaxing music available if required. The sleep room is linked to the Ystafell Lindys via a baby monitor and the room itself is checked every 10 – 15 minutes.


“Children are happy and settled. They enjoy interesting play and learning experiences which are sufficiently planned to promote their development. Overall, the staff team are eager, enthusiastic and work well together. Positive behaviour is promoted and routine and structure enables children to feel secure. The environment is well planned and improvements made since the last inspection are beneficial. Leaders are enthusiastic and use initiative to plan and implement changes. They regularly consult with those using the service and work in partnerships to deliver a service children and their families benefit from.”

Inspection Report, January 2019

Times and Fees

We are open Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 5.30pm, excluding Christmas holidays and bank holidays. We operate on a sessional basis as follows:

Morning or Afternoon

Under 2yrs – £21.20
Over 2yrs – £18.85

School Day

Under 2yrs – £36.60
Over 2yrs – £33.25

All Day

Under 2yrs – £46.85
Over 2yrs – £42.40

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Where to find us

Plas Grounds
Maengwyn Street
SY20 8HZ

Main Contact
Laura Stevens

01654702933/ 01654702607
[email protected]